Where do Omnigraffle stencils go nowadays?

If you are an Omnigraffle user from OS’s prior to Lion (10.7) then you you may be wondering, like I was, how to find the folder where your stencils are stored. As it urns out, Lion hides the user’s Library folder by default, so it is something you will need to make visible in order for you to install stencils when a Graffletopia download goes awry. Theoretically, the Graffletopia connection through the Omnigraffle UI ¬†allows for download and install, but as I found out today, it doesn’t always work that way. Maybe it was because I had 50 or so Safari tabs open (and my memory was maxed-out) but nevertheless, the install didn’t work out.

The solution to the problem can be found on the OSX Daily site.

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