Noisy Coffee Shops Foster Creativity

Finally some research that proves what I determined back in 1998! Noise, or the way I look at it, energy, is creativity inducing in a big way. Check out this article.

In 1998 I was working for what was BC’s largest technology company, Creo, Creo was eventually acquired (well after I had left) by Kodak in 2005 with from what understand, a decimated culture the Creo leadership team had designed and nurtured. The culture we had at Creo supported working remotely whenever you wanted, to the point where it negatively affected your team. Although I was rarely able to work remotely due to the amount of meetings I was involved in, when I could work remotely I would work at Calhouns, a large cafe/bakery in Vancouver. The space inside was large with a high ceiling, and because of the constant flow of people the energy in Calhouns was ripe for creativity boosting. I was able to come up with creative ideas for many different needs in less than half the time it would require in a silent office space. Personally, I find that silence is deafening from a creativity standpoint, so most offices and definitely libraries can be creativity killers.

Calhouns Cafe Interior

Calhouns Cafe Interior

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