Fluid Perception Media has 15 Years Experience

In our early years we focused primarily on “under the hood” design of elements related to very large web systems. We worked on information architecture (IA), interaction design (IxD), user experience design (UX or UE), usability analysis (UA), and others. These key elements ensure a system meets the needs of both web users and businesses.

Along the way we advocated for users of various systems. Do you remember the late 90’s when CD-ROMs were all the rage, the web was still in its 28.8-56k modem days, and Macromedia Director was the platform of choice? At that time graphics could only be 8-bit (read 256 colours…). Ouch!

As the web evolved, network-based eLearning systems and web-based delivery of richer content became main stream. We helped design these systems. However, even now, “hi-speed” remains a relative term – the weight of pages and apps need to be considered to meet users’ performance expectations.

Today we experience widespread, very hi-speed Internet, and 4G networks. Web user’s experiences are becoming much more immersive and contextually relevant. It’s crucial that the design of both smaller websites and large web based systems keeps up with changing technology and user expectations. This is where our expertise becomes important.

Utilizing the knowledge and experience we gained over 15 years working on both large and small scale projects, we can help companies of all sizes with their website design. Call us – we want to talk about how we can help you boost your business in the digital world!

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