Hawthorn Construction

End Client: Hawthorn Construction
Services Provided: Small Business Web & Design
Vertical: Residential Construction

Hawthorn Construction is a small residential construction company located in Sechelt, BC

Hawthorn Construction approached us with the common conundrum of many small business owners. They wanted to have a web presence and some other media, but didn’t know where to start, and were quite daunted by the prospect of getting up to speed.

Fluid Perception began with education to create a baseline knowledge of what a brand is, and how, once established, it should drive all media design and strategy decisions.

Through a collaborative design approach Fluid Perception designed a logo/wordmark, business cards and front-of-home signs that reflected the new brand.

Phase 2
With phase 1 complete Fluid Perception proceeded with sourcing Hawthorn Construction’s domain name, setting up a temporary holding page for the site, and moved on to the planning for the site including:
• Information Architecture
• Content Strategy
• Copywriting
• Photography
• Social media extensions

Phase 3
After all the planning and content creation from phase 2, the website was designed, developed and then launched on May 31st, 2012. hawthorn-construction.com

Hawthorn Construction House Sign

Hawthorn Construction Truck Window Sign

Hawthorn Construction Homepage image

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